Barry Cockcroft is your host on this saxophone podcast with interviews featuring guest saxophonists from around the world. In this show, he explores the stories behind these great musicians with telling insights into how they got started and the ongoing development of their careers. Discover the highlights of touring the musical world, unconventional ways to learn the saxophone, teaching styles from different countries and tips on maintaining a long and healthy career. The Barry Sax Show features a new guest each week and is supported by show notes, useful links and a full-text transcript of each episode.

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  1. Roxanne W

    Thank you for doing this podcast! I’m am amateur saxophonist living in Rochester, NY where I am fortunate to hear your music and other classical works for saxophone at the Eastman School of Music. I really enjoy hearing how the saxophonists got started with their instrument, and who has influenced them. I also had my first introduction to classical saxophone from the recordings of Eugene Rousseau. It’s fascinating to learn about the musical culture each saxophonist grew up with. If you ever get the opportunity, I would love to hear an interview with Otis Murphy. I would also love to hear your answers to the interview questions that you ask your guests. Thank you, again! This podcast is like being able to hang out with some the musicians I admire the most.


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