Blow Down was composed in 2017 for French saxophonist Jérôme Laran and first performed in Japan by Jérôme and Japanese saxophonist Hiroshi Hara.

A Hoe Down is a fast dance related to the jig and reel. Traditionally there is a virtuosic display of footwork, where a succession of dancers each attempt to outdo the previous dancers. If the last dancer was the best one then the audience would cheer wildly.

The music for these demanding dances is usually performed by virtuosic fiddle players. Using this display of competitiveness as a basis for the composition, Blow Down offers a chance for 2 saxophonists to display some of their own virtuosity through fluent finger technique and rapid staccato tonguing.

In keeping with the competitive nature of the dance, the saxophonist playing the lyrical section must try to outdo the other player by playing an expressive chorale with a bold tone and elegant phrasing. The piece finishes with a triumphant romp with both instruments playing at their best and all themes being played simultaneously. Who is the winner?

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